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Our founder :

Hussain came to Canada three years ago. With a simple dream: to complete his education and to add value to Canada; his adopted homeland. 

To add value to things in life, you often have to solve a problem. While living with two roommates who smoked bud all day, Hussain found a problem that he could solve.

We all love our stash but the stash is never safe. He saw this when his roomies constantly bickered about which weed was whose. Upon doing some research he found that a lot of people have had problems with children or pets getting their stash destroying or mistakenly consuming cannabis.

AllinBud is the solution to all of these common problems and much more. Hussain has been passionate about developing this beautiful hand-crafted stash box. As a company, AllinBud  is committed to keeping it organic while keeping your stash safe.

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