How To Hide Weed From Your Pet or Children? The best places to hide your weed


Weed or marijuana has become legal in several places over the recent years. In the recent 2020 US Presidential election, recreational marijuana was voted in the US states of Arizona, Montana, New Jersey and South Dakota. Mississippi and South Dakota also approved Marijuana for medicinal purposes.

As weed is now available in tastier and edible forms, there is one thing that parents have to take extra care of keeping it away from their children.

Effects of marijuana on children

After smoking or inhaling Marijuana, the symptoms start showing up in 5 to 30 minutes. They don’t last for a long time, generally between two to three hours.

If ingested in edible form (for example: gummies or chocolates) the signs may take an hour to appear and several hours before they reduce. 

As we are talking about younger children, it is much more likely that they mistake edibles for candies rather than smoking or rolling the spliff that you rolled.

This also makes the problem much more severe as marijuana in edible forms have higher THC content

In some cases, even hospitalization is required. 

It would be very difficult for small children to tell the difference between their candy bars and your pack of gummies as they look, feel and smell like regular candy.

Marijuana companies have added to the confusion as they are trying to entice customers by hiding the weed smell and essentially designing the look, smell and feel of weed products like chocolatey treats.

What are the signs & symptoms of accidental marijuana poisoning?

Most of the symptoms will look very similar to that of adults. However the effect will be pronounced and more severe.

If the symptoms are very slight or you know they have ingested only a small amount, the simple advice is to make sure that you put them to bed. If they’re hungry, just make a snack and then make them rest and sleep if possible.

If the symptoms are more severe in nature or they have eaten a bigger amount, don’t listen to us: Consult your Doctor or a medical expert.

Take them to a hospital right away in extreme cases where the experts can do the necessary testing for required treatment.

Current Scenario of Weed Packaging

California introduced new regulations in 2018 which mandated cannabis products come in packaging that is child-resistant. These are generally tricky for children to open.

However, if you’re like me and klutzy, there's another problem. The goods have a mind of their own and are spread out once you get home.

To counter this problem, the industry is getting more creative every day. They also rely on some old methods like pill bottles that are well known for their child-resistant tops.

Having said that, keeping the bud out of your little one’s hands is not really up to the weed industry.

Unless you’re AllinBud. In fact, it’s totally our job. Check out our child-resistin’, toddler savin’ Fort Knox of weed.


How to safely hide your weed (products) from children?

how to keep your weed safe and locked away

  • Keep it on the down low

Don’t smoke weed or consume edibles when around them. If you plan on doing it, make sure you talk to them once you think they are old enough and smart enough to understand the concept and consequences. 

If your child is still a toddler or way too young to understand, hiding or restricting access is the only solution.

  • Put your weed in jail

You can no longer go to jail for smoking weed but your weed can though. As in all things in life, prevention is always better. The simplest way to make sure your children can’t get to your weed is to store it in containers that come with some sort of locking system. 

If you have a safe, this is the most obvious choice. Especially one of those fireproof boxes which are meant for storing important documents. 

Pair it with a smell proof stash bag and you can also keep the scent of weed off your documents. 

All the boxes sold by AllinBud can be locked via a safe combination number lock. It is of solid built quality, crafted by hand to make sure it keeps your children out of harm’s wayYou can use it not for weed, but also your gummies, candy lollipops etc.

  • Hide in Plain Sight

Colorful, bright and shiny packaging are enticing to kids. Metal olive oil containers or old soup cans? Not so much. This means that you can hide weed in your room.

You can package weed products with boring and dull wrapping papers. You can even paint colorful cans brown and rusty looking. This method works best for kids below the age of 6 that can move about in their adventurous ways.

You can pair the unexciting storage with elevation, by hiding it up high (no pun intended), on top of a cupboard or on a really high shelf.

  •  Use the internet (duh!)

If you’re familiar with home security systems, you probably know where we’re getting at. There are sensors that you can buy and place on your stash box that send push notifications to your phone if your child (or cat) end up disturbing it.

Modern safes also now have options where the sensors are pre-installed on the safety door of the safe.

  • Watch it (like The Man)

      No one likes Big Brother. Trust us: we’re not asking you to be narcs. Well, maybe... 

You can James Bond your stash without the fancy gadgets. A cheap camera that has a Wi-fi connection, an old smartphone are among the several different options you can try. 

You can install apps that repurpose the old phone as a security camera. Whether you’re at work or out and about, all it takes is a click and you can rest easy.

  • Child proof Devices

There are portable vaporizers that pair with Bluetooth to a mobile app. There are features like temperate adjustments, different modes—and a lock. If you tap the lock icon in the app, the vaporizer won’t operate until you unlock it again.

As we mentioned in the beginning of the articles itself, a lot of weed retailers have started making child proof containers as laws and regulations are mandating it.

So wherever you shop for your cannabis, always ask for child proof options if available.  

Keep you weed safe illustration on black background

As parents, making sure your kids don’t interact with cannabis till a reasonable age is very important. To help you in keeping your stash safe, AllinBud has premium wooden stashboxes that are both solid and discrete. 


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