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  • How to make pot brownies and other weed edibles?

    Learn how to make weed brownies easily at home and in no time. Also, we’ll discuss how you can churn up weed butter and even make marijuana gummies at home. 
  • Weed stash boxes : The new way to hide weed

    Need to hide weed from your kids? A Weed stash box can help you store and keep your weed fresh for smoking. As cannabis stash boxes come in all shapes, sizes and prices, we've made this handy guide. Read on to find which factors to consider while buying a weed stash box.
  • 4 Unique Cannabis Strains And Their Effects

    Marijuana and its effects aren't just due to THC & CBD. The 'high' isn't the only effect weed has on the brain. Cannabis can also help increase concentration and focus. It can get you hungry, sleepy and more. Want to know more?
  • The Best Weed Strains For Studying Or Developing Focus

    Check out our list of the best weed strains for focus and studying. Find out which strain is the best for you. Whether you have ADHD, ADD or just want to supercharge your work sessions, there is definitely a strain that will do the job. Getting high and studying is not a suitable option for everyone.
  • How long does weed stay in your system? How to get weed out of your system fast

    On average, marijuana can be detected between10 to 90 days of smoking weed or eating edibles. Find out the fastest way to get weed out of your system. Read this blog to find how you can pass a drug test for weed. Discover how long weed stays in your system and the quickest way to detox from weed as well.
  • The Definitive Guide To Buying Weed Grinders: Everything You Need To Know

    The perfect joint begins with the best weed and that is a well-known fact. Even though strain does play a huge factor, it is not the only factor that determines the prime cannabis. But it is actually easy to ruin the trichomes of a bud by pulling it apart with your fingers. Trichomes are what get you high. Which is why you should not crush these compounds filled with THC. This is exactly where a grinder comes into the picture.
  • Why do you get hungry after smoking weed? Why we get the munchies

    Everyone feels hungry after eating marijuana because of cannabinoid receptors known as CB1s. They are present in the part of the brain responsible for activating our sense of smell and taste; which in turn makes eating more pleasurable.


  • How Many States In The United States Of America Have Legalized Weed?

    It has become easier and accessible to procure weed and to start weed businesses, we made you a list of the different states in the US where weed has been legalized. 
  • How to Make Cannabutter with Simple and Easy Steps: The complete guide to making weed butter

    You too can easily make canna butter at home. Read this guide to get started with this age old recipe. Weed is mixed with butter as it is a common ingredient in cooking. Learn how to make the best cannabutter with these simple and easy steps.
  • Is Eating Weed Edibles Better Than Smoking Weed?

    Thinking about the best way to get high? Weed infused edibles or smoking marijuana leaf? Your experience while being stoned is different depending on the method by which you consume weed. Read this article to compare the experience of eating or smoking weed. Follow our blog and stay in touch with the weed science.
  • Ways You Can Smoke Weed

    There are different ways to consume marijuana. You can eat, drink and smoke it. But which way is better? Explore the world of weed and find out what may be the best high for you.
  • How To Hide Weed From Your Pet or Children? The best places to hide your weed

    Read for tips and tricks that help you in hiding your weed from your children. With legalization, weed in its various forms is readily available. Due to this, kids are even more exposed to weed and weed products like gummies. Younger children may accidently consume weed. Learn how to hide your stash from your kids.