Red, White and Pink Weed


While marijuana typically ranges between a shade of green, brown, and gray color, some outliers break the typical mold. You can even find red, white, and pink weed just to name a few of the widely available colors.

White weed

The most prominent white weed is the white widow, while a true albino white may not likely survive long enough to flower, through cross-breeding and selectively breeding for the color you can get close to a whitish flower. 

White weed like the white widow is very popular because part of the reason for the color is that they are covered in trichomes which means it is very potent, high in THC leading to quite a powerful high. 

One side effect that white weed has seemed to develop after many crossbreeding is that it has become very mold-resistant, leading to it being relatively easy to grow in a high moisture environment.

Red marijuana

While white weed is a result of selective crossbreeding, red cannabis is a result of good old simple science. 

What gives the weed its red color?

Be it a red pot leaf, red hair, or even rarer the actual bud being red, is due to 2 chemicals, which are anthocyanin and chlorophyll, along with timing and quantity of each can help you manipulate nature into growing colorful weed. 

If you want a redder weed, then anthocyanin will be essential you need to make the pH level more acidic. However, if you want it more towards the purple shade, you need to make the pH level more neutral. 

The timing needs to be perfect since for the majority of the time the chlorophyll will keep the plant green, however, if timed correctly, and you allow the anthocyanin to overcome the chlorophyll in the fall, you can tweak the color to your liking not just towards red but orange, yellow, purple, blue, pink, etc. this being said color is simply superficial it does not change the weed in any manner beyond appearance. 


What’s the BIG hype?

While the only thing that changes is the color, you can find some strains that can lend themselves to more colorful weed, red and pink buds can be achieved more readily with strains such as the Pink Flower Shaman or the Predator pink, this does not rely so much on manipulating nature these strains much like the white widow which naturally produces white flowers, these strains produce variants of red hues to give it the appearance naturally. 

Now you don’t want to be fooled by anyone selling red or pink weed seeds, some of these are simply named that to describe the flavor and are not either red or pink or any shade of the colors it could simply be a green weed that has a hint of smell to that flavor being named. So, you will have to be sure to buy your seeds from a reliable supplier and do enough research to know what strain of weed you are looking for because each growing environment can be different.


Many users believe that the color means stronger weed when this is simply not true, as mentioned above, you can manipulate nature and adjust the color through manipulating nutrients leading to pH discrepancies meaning that you can have low strength weed that is simply manipulated into looking colorful. The potency comes from the strain of weed and the quality of the crop. 

Only in the whites where the white is because of the high amount of trichomes does the color equal potency and that is simply because more crystal means more trichomes and more trichomes mean higher THC and higher THC means stronger potency. 

Weed does not only come in shades of red and green, but it can also come in nearly golden yellow and even nearly dark enough to be called black while these golden and black weed strains are of generally higher potency it is due to the strain, not color, the color is simply a component of the strain.

Our final thoughts

It can be quite easy to be fooled by an unscrupulous grower if you don’t know what you are looking for beyond the color, while colorful weed can be pretty in color it does not mean it will be more potent when consumed.

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