Sativa vs. Indica


Although there have been many new growers using cannabis plants recently, the growing popularity of this plant also causes more new growers to be confused about how Sativa and indica affect you.

However, most of them don't know that there is one key difference between these two species, which affects their effects on the user. Sativas have more extended flowering periods than indicas.

This article will tell you about the difference between Sativa and indica and how much time you should leave a flowering cannabis plant for optimum effect.

The differences between the two species of Cannabis, Sativa and indica.


1) Generally speaking, an indica has a shorter flowering period than a similar quality to Sativa. The type of high they cause is also different from each other. A typical statement by most users of marijuana is that "indica produces higher body highs while Sativa creates mental highs."

2) You can find some hybrids which are both types at once (i.e., indica-sativa or sativa-indica). These hybrids were produced to get the best of both worlds - the shorter flowering period and more extended flowering periods.

3) The effects can also be seen in different strains such as White Widow, Skunk #1, Afghan Kush, etc. These are indicas and Super Silver Haze, Moby Dick, or Amnesia Haze, sativa.

4) For growing purposes, most growers prefer to grow indica plants because they have a short flowering period. Therefore, it is easy to develop them, even for beginners. However, most users of marijuana prefer Sativa plants because they produce more mental highs than body highs and therefore provide creative energy that most users enjoy. 


When will my plant mature? 


Cannabis Ruderalis is the shortest flowering cannabis strain. Its flowering cycle only takes seven weeks to grow from seedling to bud stage.

The shortest flowering Sativa strain is the Nothern Lights at 14-21 weeks' flowering period. Sativa plants take a longer time to mature than indica plants, i.e., they have a more extended vegetative state than indica plants before they start flowering for harvesting purposes. 

The average flowering times are shown below:

Sativa strains are ready in 14 - 21 weeks Indica strains are ready in 9 - 13 weeks Ruderalis strains are prepared in 10 - 12 weeks. Cannabis Ruderalis is the shortest plant at only seven weeks. Other types of marijuana can be anywhere between 8 and 20+weeks. 


For everyone's growing needs, different times can affect the whole process and thus alter the effects the plant might have on you. Not only that, but flowering periods also depend on whether your plant is an indica or a Sativa. 


The table below summarizes this:

Sativa Flowering Time: 14-21 Weeks 

Indica Flowering Time: 9-13 Weeks 

Harvest Month: November-October



1) Different strains can have different flowering times even though they are from the same species.

2) Sativas take longer to mature from seedling to bud stage than indicas. Therefore, the harvest time for each type of marijuana should be considered depending on how much time you would like to commit to getting good results out of your marijuana plants. 


These two types of cannabis plants will undoubtedly be a great addition to your garden, and the amount of time you need to spend for their growth will depend on which type you choose to grow. According to a cannabis health website, choose a Sativa plant if you want a shorter flowering period because they only require around ten weeks from the seedling stage. 


In contrast, an indica plant needs at least 13 weeks. This means that sativas have much shorter periods than indicas to grow from the seedling stage up until the bud stage. If you are looking for something faster, go for a Sativa instead. Sativa plants can also provide better yields than indica plants but take more time to mature. For beginners who have just started growing marijuana, I suggest going for an easy-to-grow indica strain to get your feet wet. Once you have produced a few plants, move on to the more complex strains such as sativas because they are worth your time if you are an experienced grower. However, most people do not have this much time, so it would be better to go for indicas instead since they take much less time to mature. 


For example, Caramelicious has a flowering time of around 8-9 weeks, while Bruce Banner takes 9-12 weeks. If you are looking for something simple yet effective, get yourself some caramelicious marijuana seeds today! The shorter flowering times are indicas which take only 6-8 weeks. If you are looking for faster results, go for an indica strain.


Some Sativa strains take up to 14 weeks to flower Cannabis Ruderalis is the shortest at just seven weeks! However, you can now buy feminized seeds that will grow into bud-producing plants quicker than non-feminized cannabis seeds. 


Feminized weed seeds typically produce flowers between 8 and 10 weeks, a massive difference from the 14-21 week periods that non-feminized cannabis strains have! Thus, if you are looking for fast results from your marijuana plants, go for feminized seeds today. 




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