How to Make Cannabutter with Simple and Easy Steps: The complete guide to making weed butter


Butter is a very consistent ingredient in cooking. It can be combined with a host of different cooking combinations.

Weed or cannabis is also an important ingredient in the process of chilling out. There are many ways you can consume cannabis, either by smoking it or eating it in the form of easy edibles.  

The idea of infusing butter with weed is ancient, and had hardly changed in principle. Originally developed thousands of years ago, the recipe to make bud butter has continued to be passed down.

Why Weed Butter is awesome

One of the best things about canna butter is that it does not have the associated stigma that smoking marijuana does. Due to this, it is great for someone who wants to get high but wants to keep it on the down low for cultural or social purposes.

Another amazing thing about cannabis infused butter is its ability to be used in almost any kind of home recipe. You can create anything from savory dishes like lamb chops to sweet treats like chocolate chip cookies.

My favorite reason; apart from the smooth butter flavor is the fact that it helps you make recipes for cannabis edibles that makes you hungrier for more food

Recipe for the best step by step cannabis butter recipe: All the steps explained 

Before we get started: a quick reminder, you can mix other oils like olive oil or coconut oil with weed. Keep in mind that this guide is meant just for butter, not oil.

What You Will Need: Ingredients required to make easy cannabutter


Ingredients for making a cannabutter illustration


1 cup of unsalted butter

5 grams of ground cannabis


Materials for making Cannabutter


Herb/weed Grinder(here's a handy guide we wrote on how to buy one)


Baking Sheet

Butter paper/ Parchment paper

Mesh strainer

Other Utensils


Step 1: Decarboxylate the cannabis

This is the first and most crucial step. This is the infusion process by which we apply heat to the weed so that we can turn non-potent THCA present in the marijuana leaves into potent THC. 

If you don’t follow this step properly, the finished product may be either very mild or just plain inactive. So make sure you do this part carefully.

Step 2: Grind the leaf

Step 3: Place the crushed weed on the butter paper evenly.

Step 4: Preheat the oven to 230 F or 110 C. Heat the weed for about 30 minutes.

Step 5: Put 1 cup of water along with the cup of butter into a pan and start gently heating. Make sure the temperature is between 160 F to 200 F. 

Use more water if required to maintain this ideal temperature. Just make sure you don’t make it too hot or the butter can get scorched or burned.

Step 6: Add the decarbed cannabis flower into the butter mix and let it cook at this recommended temperature. 

Expert Tip: Make sure the mixture never comes to a boil as that can degrade the butter's quality.

Step 7: Now put the cheesecloth in the metal wire mesh and place it over a jar. pour the weed infused butter into the cheesecloth.

The best way to strain your cannabutter is to not push down or strain the butter through the cheese cloth as that may make the whole batch taste a bit funky.

Step 8: Refrigerate the jar of butter for about an hour and then remove the butter. 

You might see excess water on the bottom of the jar. You can throw this out as it has no THC.

Your butter is now ready for use in the kitchen. Do remember that butter gets you a higher THC amount and hence a more intense high so be careful how much you use at one time.

Steps to make cannabutter in slow cooker/crock pot:

Step 1: Grind your cannabis with a grinder. Do it coarsely and avoid reducing the weed to a fine powder. 

This is crucial; otherwise powder will leak through the strainer and add unwanted plant material. 

Step 2: Bring the temperature of the slow cooker to around 160 degree F using a candy thermometer.

You can use water to regulate the temperature as it is important that it does not go above 200 degree F 

Step 3: Add the butter and the coarsely ground cannabis to a slow cooker. Stir the mixture once in a while.

Step 4: How long to cook cannabutter in crockpot? After about 4 hours, turn off your slow pot and let it cool till it comes to room temperature.

Step 5: Strain as mentioned in the steps above. The rest of the procedure is also the same. 

How to dose/cook with weed butter?

Its well known that edibles that take some time to kick in. Everyone knows someone who has eaten a lot more of an edible than they needed to because they didn’t “feel high”.

Those trips always suck. Personally, it makes me swear off edibles forever (until the next time of course). 

A simple rule is that you always deliberately take a lighter dose the first time around. After you have sampled your cannabutter the first time, you can go for a proper high the next time around.

In case your place of work conducts tests for weed, make sure you time it right if you have a test scheduled soon. Find out how long weed stays in your system.    

How much THC does my weed contain?

Also, making weed butter is more science than art. In case you bought your weed legally from a dispensary (find out where weed is legalized in the US), there is a big chance you already know how much THC it contains. In case you didn’t, you’ll just have to guess and cross your fingers. 

Generally speaking, 1 gram of weed with 15% THC would contain approximately 123 milligrams of THC. This means that every helping of the butter will contain around 15 milligrams. 

I recommend that you take around 5 milligrams the first time and then figure out how much of an increase you need for a comfortable and relaxing high. Don't start off with an ounce and then cuss us later.

Its good to wait for at least an hour to feel the effects so you don’t end up overdosing later on (and having an even worse experience).  

You can use the butter in all the different recipes you want. The method to use would be the same as using any regular butter in the course of cooking.

Are there any tips or tricks that you feel we missed out on? Let us know in the comments.


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