The Definitive Guide To Buying Weed Grinders: Everything You Need To Know

Why is choosing a grinder important?

Everyone knows that the perfect joint begins with the best weed. Even though the unique weed strain does play a huge factor, it is not the only one.

It is very easy to spoil a perfectly good stash and ruin the trichomes of your bud. This happens when you by pull it apart with your fingers.

As trichomes are what actually get you high, you should not crush your weed indiscriminately. This is exactly where a grinder comes into the picture. A grinder helps prep your marijuana for use.

Benefits of using a good grinder 

A good pot grinder helps to preserve the THC crystals present within the cannabis flower which ensures you get a potent high. It makes accessing the THC very fast process at the same time, 

The best pro about a grinder is that well ground herb makes the joint burn much slower and at an even pace. This means that your weed will not get wasted while you try to keep your doob lit.

The market has various types of weed grinders to choose from, which makes choosing one might get a bit confusing. Let us help you with that.

 A Guide To Different Types Of Cannabis Grinders

  1.     Two-Part Grinder

This handy device is built up of two parts which fold together and forms one grinder unit. Inside each section, you will find sharp and small teeth that are used to chop and break apart the bud. This happens as you twist the mechanism with your hands.

All you have to do is place a medium-sized flower in the two parts and turn it with your hands. You will be surprised to watch the final product which will give you a perfect grind for a fat and ready to roll joint. This device is available in wood, plastic, and metal designs which can be brought for a number of prices.

This is recommended for you if you are a casual smoker and do not want anything fancy but still want something to do the trick.

  1.     4-Part Grinder

This weed grinder functions in the same manner as a two-part grinder except, it has a slightly complex design. A four-part grinder offers additional features which include pollen or a kief catcher and other things as well. This add on allows you to collect these precious and high inducing particles of pollen which get you typically wasted once you grind your weed. You can either add these pollen to your joint or top your bowl as if it sprinkled for your ice-cream.

In addition to that, an extra holding chamber allows you to grind with much greater ease and then immediately dispense your weed on a rolling paper in an empty glass.

These are more expensive than the two-piece devices but they do not differ by a great amount. Popular designs are typically constructed from metal however you may occasionally find wood but very rarely plastic.

This is a great grinder for regular smokers looking to get the most out of their weed.

  1.     Mobile Grinder Card

A weed grinder card functions in a fairly basic design. It is very similar to a cheese grater. All you need is a dish that is ready to catch your chopped-up bud and you have to rub the flower against the plate until you can see all of it on your plate. It is as easy as grating cheese now all you have to do is roll it up and enjoy. This device is the cheapest option and also offers a discreet solution to the consumption of cannabis. As all you have to do is stick this card into a deck of cards if you want to hide it.

However, a grinder card also requires more effort to use which is why it is not recommended for someone who wants the marijuana to be ground in one device or to happen with just the turn of their hands.

Although if you are someone who is always on the go and wants a lighter option, then this grinder card is recommended for you.

  1.     Electrical Grinders

There is a reason why these are not that popular. Electrical weed grinders tend to unevenly grind the bud and are extremely difficult to clean. They easily clog up and turn into a nuisance eventually.

Even though the electric counterpart is convenient, we would not vouch for the extra effort it needs.

Most stoners stick to the basics by choosing any of the three mentioned above.

 Well hope that article helped you figure out which grinder to buy. At AllinBud, we love discussing all things weed.

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