Weed stash boxes : The new way to hide and store weed

We all know that the era of the baggie will never go. There will always be enough pimply teenagers and 'smart people' hiding the herb at the bottom of backpacks and tiny jewelry boxes. 

For all you canna-connoisseurs though, there are a lot of options on the market in which to store not just marijuana, but also gummies and other weed paraphernalia.

As a seller of cannabis stash boxes, this article is a tricky one for us. We definitely want to help you choose the best stash box, so I promise I won’t tell you repeatedly(even though our stash boxes are actually the best) that our boxes are the bees knees.

I will try (emphasis on try) on the different factors you should consider, and hopefully also show how our stash boxes at AllinBud fulfill those some of those criteria.

Factors to consider while buying a stash boxes for weed

  1. Material:

This is divided into two broad categories in the current market: natural and synthetic options. 

    Most of the natural options are made of bamboo or other kinds of wood. These boxes are eco friendly and definitely the choice for those who don’t want to compromise on the planet’s health while keeping their weed fresh.

    In addition to the good karma derived from wooden stash boxes, these boxes also provide a very classic and premium feel. 

    For example, AllinBud’s Engraved Leaf Box features the most exquisite likeness of a weed leaf engraved on top of it in premium steam beach wood. Best of all, its handcrafted with love which enhances the feel. 

    Most of the stashboxes made from synthetical materials include those made of some sort of nylon as that material tends to be naturally air tight and water resistant.

    While great for convenience and even for looks, this option is still filled with non biodegradable plastic options, so make sure to consider that before making a purchase.

    2. Protecting weed from light:

    Light, especially UV light is not good for well-dried cannabis leaves as the exposure to UV rays decarboxylates the THC in the weed, hence making it lose its potency. 

    We don’t even need to say this one: no one likes smoking buds that have gone bum. Going through multiple joints looking to finally get the dosage is a nightmare that is all too common. 

    The solution is to of course purchase any container that is not transparent and is capable of stopping all that light. 

    At AllinBud, all our high end stash boxes are made up of steam beech, a wood that is known for being extremely dense and solid. Your buds are always safe in All Bud's Fort Knox.

    3. Air and moisture:

    These two are linked, as your weed would need to be out of its packaging and in the open for these two factors to affect it. In these two, moisture is the more invasive as it can also penetrate most forms of fabric as well as thicker forms of paper like cardboard.

    Air is obviously bad for the health of dried herb, as the terpenes present in the plant material dry up and all of the stuff loses its potency.  Some high end stashboxes use sophisticated materials and technology to achieve this. 

    We pair our stashboxes with a smell and odor proof glass jar, which helps limit exposure to direct air or moisture and provides humidity control. That makes sure that you cannabis is always green and fresh.

    4. Locking mechanism:

    Stashboxes do more than weed storage. One of the most common reasons to buy one is to hide your weed it from kids or pets by locking away your stash. 

    Cannabis although safe for most adults, is not safe for your pets or not kids. If your pet eats your weed, they can get cannabis poisoning, even though it would take a very big dosage(more likely to happen in case of edibles).

    Stashboxes with a simple click mechanism are easy and will do the job if you're hiding your weed from pets or small kids.

    In case your kids are older, they may be curious or know about marijuana. A simple mechanism will not do you good for obvious reasons. You broadly have two choices here: a combination lock or a lock and key arrangement.

    Lock and key works fine until you inevitably lose the key and the number lock does the job unless you forget the combination. Making a choice depends on what you think you will forget first.

    At AllinBud we have chosen the combination number lock approach. It easy to set, reset and operate. The choice ultimately depends on your situation and your memory skills; or lack thereof.

    5. Functionality:

    Stashboxes and their functionality is varied. Some are big, some are small. That means that your frequency and variation of cannabis use will determine this choice.

    Most boxes will give you medium usage and travel options. Smaller ones are better for travelling as they are more portable. Larger stashboxes are best for those who smoke more often at homen or with more friends.

    In my view, your situation decides which box you need. If you're a hustler- always on the move; or just are  big on travelling due to personal or work stuff, go for portability, speed and ease of access(Just make sure your stuff is legal in the places you are going to).

    Our stashboxes also come with a portable rolling tray, with enough space to include a herb grinder, and a smell proof mason stash jar. You can also store gummies, kief or smoking material in it.

    6. Hiding Your Weed

    Most weed stashboxes in the market are not the best places to hide your pot, simply due to most of them having some sort of weed art. Even though pets and small kids may not realize what's inside the box, any older people and even teens will be able to tell where you store your weed.

    But there's a way to hide your stash in plain sight. A lot of boxes, including this one at Allinbud, have discrete, artsy designs like flowers or a plain front

    Other stuff you should check is whether the stashbox has a place forsecret stashes. Some boxes will even have a place to put rolled joints. Also always check how many compartments the box has.

    Well that's it folks. We'll keep adding to this blog as we keep thinking and using our stashboxes. Did we help you in making a decision? 

    Let us know via email or you can DM us on Instagram.   



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