How to roll the perfect joint?


Everyone knows about Joints & Blunts. It's one of the most popular ways to smoke cannabis simply because it is easy to make, and everyone loves to do it. Joints are also relatively safe compared with other methods of smoking weed. They are easy to light and smoke too. 

However, there are some things you should know about joint before you decide to try it out.

Here are some tips for rolling your joints:

  • When using rolling papers, make sure the gum adhesive is facing upward. This will ensure that the joint sticks together when you roll it up. When needed, wet the glue with spit or water to stick better.
  • Before licking the paper, use a pen or something thin to spread the weed evenly on each paper without tearing it apart or squishing the joint. This is because if you'll use your fingers to put in the weed, there's a big chance that they would touch both halves of paper, which will end up making one side sticky and the other side not so much. 

Thus, it will be impossible to roll the joint evenly.

  • Roll it up tightly but don't use too much force since this might cause the joint paper to rip apart. After you've rolled the joint, let the loose ends overlap so that when you light up your joint, you can easily pull them back and seal them together during ignition. But if there are some problems with it, like rips after lighting up, lick one end of your joint and stick it in place while holding it tight with your fingers until both ends meet, then burn the loose end again to seal together.

Lastly, practice makes perfect! So if you're still having difficulty rolling a perfectly shaped joint, then keep on practicing until you get it right.

With these tips, you'll be able to master the art of rolling joints like a pro. You can also look at this video to see how to roll.

The joint is indeed the simplest way of smoking weed for beginners with enough practice and patience, you will surely be able to roll one without problems too


If you have kids or any pets, you have to remember to also be responsible as the effect of weed is bad for dogs as well as kids. Make sure your weed is hidden or locked away in a place where no kid/pet can get to it.

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