The Best Weed Strains For Studying Or Developing Focus

Weed can do other things then just get you high. It can get you hungry, lazy or even a world class philosopher(just for you, though. Everyone else wants you to shut up)

Social media and our fast modern lifestyle have made it more difficult than ever to center your mind. However, a lot of recent research into medical marijuana and its effect on anxiety and anxiety related disorders.

That is the reason we have complied a list of the best weed strains for focus, including if you're looking for the best cannabis strains for conditions like ADHD.

Even if you have not been diagnosed with ADHD or ADD, and just need some help with studying or anxiety, we've got you covered. 

How to find the perfect cannabis strain for concentration

If you have consumed cannabis already, you must have noticed that certain varieties help you stay focused and increase productivity while several others send your mind into a dilemma.

Finding a strain that gives you the right amount of focus means that you have to do a lot of trial and error. But you can look at this list as a starting point for finding the best weed strain for developing focus

What kind of focus do you want from your weed? 

  • CBD Dominant Strain- this strain will have only trace amounts of THC and will not produce a euphoric high with little to no side effects.
  • THC Dominant Strain- this strain can help with focus for some and might be distracting for others. If in any way THC strain makes your mind racy or foggy, you might want to try to switch up the strain or try a smaller dose.
  • Balanced THC/CBD Strains- they are known to provide a mild high and might just be a good choice for someone who is looking for just a little cerebral activation.

Here is the list of the best strains of weed for enhancing focus

  1.     Sour Diesel

Sour diesel weed stain on white background

THC Dominant

This is one of the best strains for studying. It is also highest-rated for the same reason on Leafly. This is quite possible as it has the ability to shine a new light on tasks and activities.

Speedy euphoria helps your mind to stay nimble. Use it for whatever engaging task you have to achieve and we promise it won't disappoint. 

However, you must remember that dosing is always key. As over doing a strain as potent as Sour Diesel can result in the opposite of the effects desired.

  1. Cinex Weed Strain

Cinex weed strain on white background

THC Dominant

Do you remember the cup of coffee that did not do its job? The Cinex weed strain will do that and go one better. It is one of the best strains of weed for euphoria.

This strain can also spark interest in tasks that you otherwise considered to be a drag and help increase your creativity and focus. Its high THC content is sativa dominant filled with uplifting effects.

That means that whether you're mixing a cracking new track or editing a video you've working on for days and are sick of, this weed strain will make you're you have the immersion necessary.

However, if you are prone to anxiety or suffer from anxiety, you might want to skip this one. People sensitive to THC can find this strain to make them feel a bit racy.

  1. Green Crack

Green crack weed strain on white background

THC Dominant

There is a lore about the name of this strain. The lore goes that Snoop Dogg was the one to dub its name as the effect of this strain was so stimulating.

This is definitely one of the best strains for studying up. Its the best kind of medical cannabis that is just perfect for 

Green crack can help sharpen your senses and bring vibrancy at the same time. It also has a very enticing tropical citrusy flavor. That makes it one of the best strains for creativity or intellectual stimulation.

  1. Harlequin

Harlequin weed strain on white background

THC/CBD Balanced

If the concentration is hard to come by for you, this strain should be on your radar. It provides a calming physical sensation that is coupled with agile and cerebral focus.

This strain typically expressed a ratio of CBD: THC as 5:2 however, it can fluctuate at the same time. Some euphoric stimulation of the mind can be expected. 

We recommend this you're gonna do some heavy reading or are planning to watch a narrative heavy web series so you don't miss out on any details.

  1. Harle-Tsu

CBD Dominant

This strain is a cross between Sour Tsunami and Harlequin. This is a high CBD strain with extremely low trace levels of THC. It has little to no intoxicating effects as it eases you into a clear-headed calmness.

It also helps keep your cognitive faculties intact to a T. This strain is more suitable for more academic or data based work where you need a certain level of productivity.

In case you are unable locate a Harle-Tsu strain in a weed shop near you, you can try its parent strain with high CBD, called the Canna-Tsu.

While dosing with any of these strains, remember that the dose and method of consumption is key. Too much and you'll end up not getting any focus or get a panic attack. Also eating marijuana will make for a stronger effect than smoking

Hope you find the list useful and hope you're keeping your weed fresh and safe from friends/pets/kids

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