Creative, cool, and Healthy Ways You Can Smoke Weed

For people with little experience with cannabis, smoking is the only way they might know that weed is used. Most movie and older TV shows have also made this image popular.

There are several ways to use weed and we personally are yet to find a method that we do not like. What method you end up choosing  depends and varies from person to person and how/what kind of 'high' or effect they want to get. 

Due to the legalization of weed, people are getting more access to weed and are finding cooler and more creative ways to smoke marijuana.

Most common methods to get High

Anatomy of a joint on greenish background illustration

Rolling up

One of the most time-honored pot traditions is rolling a joint or spliff. This is the most common method. Joints can even be rolled using a mix of tobacco and weed and this is known as a spliff.

Several people like to do this to save weed or just to get a nice and mellow buzz. Famous musicians like the Late Bob Marley and Wiz Khalifa make a point to smoke only cannabis leaves, without mixing any tobacco.

This way of consumption is one of the healthiest ways to smoke cannabis as tobacco is proven to be highly carcinogenic and harsh on the lungs. THC  absorbed by smoking weed also takes less time to exit the digestive system.  

An actual blunt is a kind of special cigar that is wrapped in the blunt wrap which is made of tobacco leaves. But when pot smokers talk about blunt, they think about a fat joint.


Common Rolling accessories

If you want to smoke joints, there are many kinds of wraps and papers that you can use to roll up.

  • Some people use specially hemp made papers but most stick to their regular rolling papers.
  • Rolling devices like rolling machines or pre rolled cones.
  • A filter is a small piece of cardboard that is rolled at the end of the joint. It is the end that touches your mouth. It helps to filter out smoke and other particles as well. It also helps to prevent the end from getting wet and stuck together.
  • Hemp papers can be found by organic brands. They have several sizes that involve filters.
  • Blunt Wraps are for blunt cigars. They are sometimes used to wrap weed but it is rare.
  • Regular rolling papers come in different sizes. It depends if you are for just two people or you want to bring a couple of them to a party.
  • Weed grinders


    Another word for pipes and bowls are what you use to fill your favorite marijuana strains. There are several choices that you can pick which is easy to pack and fun to look at. It can be disguised as something else or just something that is simple and plain.

    Here is a list of the main types of bowls that are available

    • Bong Bubblers- This is a cross between a bong and a pipe. It is useful for something potent and portable.
    • Pipes- These range in different sizes and are usually for personal use. They can be made out of wood, titanium, and glass.
    • Steam Cleaners- Well, this is not what you think. It is actually a decent size glass and cylinder pipe which has an opening located at one end for you to inhale and the other for you to cover. Just one hit of this is enough for you to feel like you just took a shotgun.

    Types of bongs illustration on a black background


    Bongs are just regular bowls and pipes on steroids. They have several features. They are usually very much larger than your average standard bowl. Which makes them more difficult to conceal them in a pinch.

    Since the bong has a water chamber, it means that when you are smoking, the smoke passes through the water and also cools at the same time before it gets into your lungs.

    Bongs have a large smoking chamber that holds a lot of smoke. A bong can release a huge hit once you let go of the carb. 

    Ensure to go easy especially if it is your first bong hit. Apart from getting very stoned, prepare for a rough ride and expect to cough a lot.

    • Heady Glass- This is a colorful and beautifully designed glass that is made from quality glass blowing.
    • Water Pipe- A water pipe has a large chamber with removable stems and even bowls that can be pulled out to clean the chamber. A nice big rip is enough to let go of all your pains and sorrows. This is a nice way to smoke hash.
    • Production Glass- this is the most commonly used glassware for making bongs and is usually mass-produced. Which is why cheap bongs have produced that break fairly easily.
    • Percolator- it is basically the addition of an extra chamber that ends up making your bong hit smoother and you will find out that the more percs they have, the more expensive the piece gets.

     Wood vs Glass


    A good smoking experience also depends on what cannabis strains you are smoking, as they all have unique effects. 

    Apart from the smoking methods, weed can also get you high by infusing foods like butter or candies with THC or CBD. Some even prefer edibles to smoking, although it depends from person to person 

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